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Community Announcements

To every member of RSW - Sean

PLEASE! read all of this it is very important everyone know about this thread.

I would like to start this post off with saying how much I appreciate the members of RSW and their constant support throughout the months/years helping us stay alive and making RSW what it is. People come , people go and people come back the members of the community never get the respect they deserve or the recognition they deserve which is why i'm making this thread.

I'm making this thread on my own without talking to a single staff member or administrator, this is something that has been said/seen for awhile now and one of the reasons some people aren't staff or we look at them differently now. There is a problem with our older members and the younger members coming together and being united as one whole community. People have "cliques" from back when RSW first got started, with newer people it's very hard if not impossible to get an older member to respect you because they have this mindset that they are some type of "elite" member.

Well guess what, there is no "elite" member. Yes, there are older people and people who just joined but when it's all said and done we are one community we need to act as one community. I'm tired of how divided the members of the community are and how the older members treat the newer members. Example: We don't have and won't have newer rsw members as staff members because when they get the opportunity to get temped or to learn our rules and system of doing things the older members want to be the first to flame, put them down or tell them they are wrong.

You guys want to call yourselves ancient members or the members who helped RSW get to what it is today, how about proving/showing it by helping our newcomers feel welcomed and wanting to participate in conversations on the chat box or try to earn staff. You've had your chance you either didn't want it or couldn't do it any more so help us by helping people who want to moderate learn the rules instead of being the first to flame at them.

People always want to know why they aren't member on the chat box or how they can earn member on the chat box, prove to me you want to help RSW, prove to me you want to mentor the newer people and make RSW a great place for everyone to come together and enjoy doing things we all love to do or at one point loved to do.

I would also like to brush up on the constant flaming and "flame wars" that are constantly happening on the forum. As most of you know, disrespecting users is against forum rule number 6. This mainly goes to the RuneScape Developement forum. Yes, you are all entitled to your opinion, but you are not allowed to disrespect other users. I understand people don't like things, but instead of putting shame on the user, try something I learned in school as the "Sandwhich Method" for critiquing peoples work, first, start off with something you like about it (the top slice of bread), then say something you don't like in an as friendly manner as possible (the meat), finally tell them something they could do to improve whatever it is (the bottom slice of bread). This will make us as a community look better and simply just make the forums a more positive place. But until the disrespecting is at a minimum, all warning levels given for disrespecting other users will be double (instead of 20% warning level, you will receive a 40% warning level).

On another note current staff team and myself included really need to step it up and get this community united again like we used to be. I want to see more activity, I want to see more politeness from my staff, I want a member of this community to not have to fear a moderator because they have power over them and they feel if they ask a mod something they will ignore them or be rude. I will be heavily moderating the staff team and looking for new prospects in the near future.

Things have needed to change around here for awhile now and that change is coming, which brings me to another topic at hand I would like to discuss. We need forum staff, I will be hosting moderator trials for forum moderators here in the near future, more details for that will be in a future post.

Thank you to all the members for allowing me to be able to have RSW to get on everyday, without you guys there would be no RSW.

RSWebclients Administrator

Staff Changes - Sean

Since the last time we updated you on the staff we have had a lot of changes go on.


Blood Anth3m: Promoted to Forum Moderator
Byron: Promoted to Forum Moderator
Michael: Promoted to Forum Moderator

Also, welcome back this guy he and Kieran have made RSW what it is today and we are thrilled to have him back as an Administrator again.

Server: Promoted to Administrator


Kanwar: Resigned to get prepared for the college life, we wish him the best of luck in college and hope he does very well.
Ryan: Resigned for personal reasons
Mike: Demoted
Itachi: Demoted

Thanks for reading,

RSWebclients Administration

Staff Evaluations - June - Sean

It's that time of the month again to evaluate the staff team. There has recently a handful of promotions and demotions. You can evaluate the new staff based on their performance so far.

The Administrators Kieran, Kanwar and myself will read over all of the evaluations that are submitted. DO NOT post your evaluations on this thread. You can evaluate the staff team by clicking here: http://www.rswebclients.com/forum/Forum-...valuations

Before making an evaluation, make sure you read this first: http://www.rswebclients.com/forum/Announ...evaluation

Evaluations close in 7 days. Please, take a couple minutes to make an evaluation as it helps us out greatly.

A little side note, Jordan has resigned from his position as chatbox moderator due to personal irl reasons. We would like to thank Jordan for his time put in here at RSW as a moderator. He was a good moderator and he will be missed greatly.

Staff Updates and A New Beginning - Kanwar

Hey there Rswebclients!

As you may have noticed, the RSW staff team has changed quite a bit. In fact, we've had 3 resignations and 4 promotions.


- Kanwar has been promoted to Administrator
- Sean has been promoted to Administrator
- Ryan/Enlight has been promoted to Chatbox Moderator
- Itachi has been promoted to Chatbox Moderator
- Invalid has been promoted to Global Moderator/Head Moderator

Congratulations to all of the following members!


- Ace has resigned from his position as Administrator
- Abrion has resigned from his position as Global Moderator
- Skiller has resigned from his position as Chatbox Moderator.

Thank you to all of the following members for donating your time and helping us out here at Rswebclients.

Let's also welcome back our dear friend Kieran who has resumed his position as Owner of Rswebclients and will continue to run the site along with Sean and I.

Thanks for checking up with us Rswebclients!

- Kanwar

Top 10 Servers

1) SalanciaVotes: 2446
2) Rune-Project OSVotes: 804
3) FreeChaoticsVotes: 750
4) Offical HeavenXVotes: 710
5) GravityScapeVotes: 677
6) Spirit-UnchainedVotes: 421
7) SoloPkVotes: 388
8) Official ZetaXVotes: 311
9) dreamscape317Votes: 258
10) PortalPkzVotes: 219